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Get to Know Benefit Makeup

Benefit mink 3d strip lasher is world renowned, ( lashes vendor)and used by stars and every day people throughout the world. They have won numerous awards over the years, and have some of the best makeup that you can buy anywhere. Some of their excellent cosmetics are:

 mink 3d strip lashe
mink 3d strip lasher

1. Lemon Aid- This is a yellow color correcting eyelid primer that gets rid of baggy, tired eyes. Makes eyes come alive and appear refreshed. You can either wear this makeup all by itself, or with eye makeup if you wish. There is only one shade, and it blends to suit every type of complexion.

2. Firmology-This is a Benefit mink 3d strip lasher serum used for smoothing the face and neck. It makes skin glowing and soft. It has been proven to firm, tone, and renew skin so that it has a youthful glow. It is oil free, and very light, and has pigments that reflect light. It has hydrolyzed soy flour that helps boost collagen and tone saggy skin. It also contains vitamins A and E, which aids in better skin elasticity, and stops free radicals that damage the skin.

3. Touch me then try to leave- This is a glorious body cream that makes skin as soft as it can possibly be. It has a light scent, and is full of cocoa butter and sesame seed oil.

4. Dr. Feelgood’s lipscription- This benefit mink 3d strip lasher contains two tubes, one for exfoliating the lips, and the other to soften and smooth them. Gives them a great deal of moisture, and is just what the Dr. ordered for dry lips. Softens lips with chamomile and Vitamin E.

5. Body So fine- This features a gorgeous scent, and is a body balm that is used to make your whole body like velvet. It also leaves your skin with beautiful pink shimmers as well. Has the one of a kind white blossoms scent, complete with Bathina Puff for ease of application.

6. Bad gal lash mascara- This is a black mascara that makes lashes as big and sexy as possible.

7. Babe Cake Eye lining Kit- This features brown and black cake eyeliners that make changing from light lining to dramatic as easy as can be.

8. Silky Finish lipstick-This is one of the top sellers for Benefit Makeup, and is totally sheer, so you can make your look what you want. You can choose from 22 gorgeous shades.

9. Lip Gloss- These are the perfect blend of shine and non-sticky feel that you have been waiting for. Features a velvety soft paddle so that gloss goes on smooth and satiny. Comes in eight brilliant colors, along with a slight apricot- lychee scent.

With all of the choices from Benefit Makeup, it will be hard to find your favorites, but after trying them, they are sure to all become your very favorites.

Ms. Scoville loves her Benefit Makeup line of cosmetics. She believes firmly that Benefit Make Up has made her look and feel younger by years. Visit her site at [] to learn more about why she only uses Benefit mink 3d strip lasher, and why she loves it so much.

 mink 3d strip lashe
mink 3d strip lasher

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