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Flirting & Femininity – Age-old Techniques Proven to Capture a Man’s Attention – Even a Celebrity!

It was 1969. Me, young, single, with a 1969 orange Camaro convertible, a waterfall of hair rivaling Cher’s, wearing micro-mini skirts & calf-high boots busy searching for my dream guy. A friend gave me a book she swore had feminine tips sure to turn any Lashes makeup cosmetics into putty. Really? Yes, really…

The title of the book was The Fascinating Girl, a Christian guide for single girls trying to catch a man, written and printed in 1969 by a housewife and mother of eight, Helen Andelin. My friend explained there were CLASSES being taught on this book! I was mischievously intrigued by the tips, even though in the South flirting is learned from the cradle and practiced first on Daddy — there were new things in the book. I couldn’t resist giving this a try.

 Lashes makeup cosmetics
Lashes makeup cosmetics

Zehair to a Dallas hot spot with friends, I scanned the crowd of guys looking for a prospect/victim. Instantly, one fellow caught my attention. Not drop-dead gorgeous, yet he had magnificent “presence” and all the other guys seem to acknowledge it. Obviously a young man comfortable in his own skin, those eyes, that smile, that BODY rated a ten. Handily, my seat at a table across the room faced his. Target spotted, now to see if this stuff worked. Naturally shy, I took a deep breath and…

The first secret in the art of flirting chapter was simple — I was to just look at him — patiently, until he returned my look, make eye contact! It didn’t take long; he looked right at me, met my eyes. I’ve been told this always works because it’s that wolf instinct guys just naturally have — they scan their area for predators and prey –so if you look they’ll soon spot you, The next step was to immediately smile returning his look eye-to-eye, then blush. BLUSH? Drop your head, as if you were Lashes makeup cosmetics fascinated but sooooo embarrassed to be caught looking. This ploy was enough to make me blush for real. Finally, I was to wait a few secs and look again, up & out of my Lashes makeup cosmetics angled in a very girly manner. The idea was to give the fellow confidence an overture would not be rejected.

That was the easy format: Make eye contact, smile, turn shy and demure, look away and repeat until…

Giggling with sheer embarrassment at the charade (a naturally very girly reaction) I realized he was still looking right at me – then, I just lost it- collapsing in helpless mirth. Amazing! I’ll be darned if he didn’t stand up, excuse himself from his group and head straight for me! I watched him all the way, smiling, waiting for him to come to me. I’m sure that I wasn’ t meant to smile and wait for him but by this time I had forgotten all the rules. This was terrific fun, I was thrilled and excited plus there was something about him that seemed Lashes makeup cosmetics .

We danced and had a lovely time. I remember still that he had on slacks and a silk shirt that night; the silk felt nice to my hands. He was genuinely warm and just an incredibly likable person who made me glad he “noticed” me. When I asked what he did, he said he was into karate –something I knew nothing at all about.

His name? Chuck Norris.

 Lashes makeup cosmetics
Lashes makeup cosmetics

That enchanting first experience sold me for life on this wonderful primer of femininity. I read it cover-to-cover and later had some explaining to do when my husband scanned the book easily recognizing sooooo many of the things I had “used on him!”. He was furious! But then, again, we’ve been married for over 30 years soooo … Would the techniques still be effective? Timeless, I promise, and as the mom of three sons – I know some things never change. The book is still available.

Is this manipulative? Lashes makeup cosmetics , I don’t think tapping into the natural radiance of our femininity is manipulative. Actually, just discovering your own femininity is a worthwhile endeavor, I think. I see so many young women floundering when it comes to developing good, strong relationships. I think every young girl should have this book & could be it’s time to bring back those classes…

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