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Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Makeup Removal

I admit that my introduction to Ayurveda was in a hair care 3D real mink false lashes. ( vendors wholesale) I tried out some of the Ayurvedic hair powders and was very pleased with their effectiveness. It was quite some time after that I realised that some of these same powders would do wonders for my combination yet sensitive skin. Even more, they could form part of my anti-aging facial regimen.

My skin issues limited my make up use to special occasions. I also depended on natural make up removers. It came to the point where I would first massage with a simple oil like olive or coconut oil and wash with African black soap. This was enough to take the make up off with very little missed spots. However, even with the oiling, the result was a bit too drying.\

3D real mink false lashes
3D real mink false lashes

On one occasion as I massaged the oil into my skin, my eyes landed on my boxes of Ayurvedic powders. Instantly an experiment formed in my mind. Knowing the properties of the different powders somewhat, I chose to mix a bit of Aritha with Amla Powder, moistened it with water to form a paste and gently rubbed it on my face. I liked the fact that it felt like a facial scrub and was quite delighted when it washed off clean. There was no oily residue, my face felt satiny smooth and literally glowed. My skin appeared tightened as if I had used a gentle mask. I then checked to see if there was any 3D real mink false lashes left in the usual errant spots (in front of my ears for example) but it was all gone. I must note that I do not wear eyeliner nor mascara when I use makeup so I cannot speak about their removal.

I have since tried other Ayurvedic powders but the Aritha/Amla combination works the best for me. Naturally I reviewed their properties to see why they were so effective. Aritha Powder also known as Soapnut Powder acts as a natural foaming agent and not only was it good for hair washing but also as an all natural wash for sensitive skin. When used on the skin it cleaned the pores and improves the texture of the skin over a period of usage. The results for me was immediately obvious from my first use on my face. The Amla Powder made from the Amla fruit also known as the Indian gooseberry has one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C. When used on the skin it brightens the complexion and removes pimples and grime. Together they not only serve as a perfect anti-aging duo, but they can effectively remove make up without any harmful chemicals or the unavoidable pulling and stretching of the skin that comes from using other commercial 3D real mink false lashes removers.

I delight in using all natural products on my skin especially when they have anti-aging properties that helps to keep me looking my best. When using natural anti-aging products or ingredients it is important to get to know what would best fit your skin type and your purpose for use. To improve your knowledge about anti-aging Click Here .

3D real mink false lashes
3D real mink false lashes

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