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How to Spot a Fake Orgasm! Proven Ways to Spot a Fake Orgasm Right Away

Do you want to know whether or not your girl is REALLY having an orgasm? If you do, then you have definitely come to the right place. Below you will find some very common signs that she is faking her orgasms. Now, if she IS faking her orgasms, you 3D mink strip eyelash shouldn’t be mad at her. You should be disappointed in your love making abilities.

How to Spot a Fake Orgasm! Proven Ways to Spot a Fake Orgasm Right Away

 3D mink strip eyelash
3D mink strip eyelash

1. Tons of Energy

Zehair of all, sex is hard work. Seriously, it’s actually a fairly good cardio workout for both the man and the woman. With that said, an orgasm will take even more energy out of her. Seriously, after sex she should be ready to pass out in a euphoric 3D mink strip eyelash.

If she has tons of energy, this is a good indicator that she did not climax.

2. No Contractions

When a woman has an orgasm, her vaginal walls will contract (how strongly depends on the power of her orgasm). You should be able to FEEL these contractions with your penis. You will feel like your getting slightly pushed out of there.

If she does not have any contractions, she did not have an orgasm. Just as well, if the contractions are very weak that means she just had a very weak orgasm. Either way, it’s a sign that you need to step up your game.

3. Anger

A woman will be a little “testy” if she doesn’t get an orgasm. She’ll act on edge and may even lash out at you for stupid things. This is a good sign that you obviously did not give her what she wants in the bedroom. And rather than tell you, she is hoping you will “pick up on it” through her emotional behaviour.

And One Last thing…

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 3D mink strip eyelash
3D mink strip eyelash

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