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Mineral Foundation – Look Natural With Mineral Makeup

Mineral foundation is the new 3d Mink Eye lashes rage. Foundation is the first step in many women’s make-up routine; it is used to smooth the skin out and to leave the skin in a uniform tone.( eyelash vendors wholesale)

What Is It?

3d Mink Eye lashes
3d Mink Eye lashes

This is a natural form of 3d Mink Eye lashes. Most makeup is synthetic, it may contain some natural elements but the majority of the formula is manmade. This man made makeup can leave the skin irritated, dried out and looking a bit dragged out and sometimes can even make the skin look older.

Mineral foundation is made from the earth. The majority of the formula is natural with a minority of it being synthetic. It is created from elements from the earth the colors are much more natural and it is actually healthy for your skin.

What Is It Used For?

It is used to even out skin tone and to cover up flaws. Skin naturally has different tones and colors and if there is a variance that is unmistakable, it really shows. Foundation leaves the skin one tone and camouflages the flaws. It is used as the first step in a makeup regimen hence the term foundation.

Many women will not leave the house without foundation. It is like the primer for all other makeup that will be applied. It hides age spots and freckles on the face and other imperfections.

How Is it Applied?

Typically foundation is applied with sponges, 3d Mink Eye lashes sponges. With traditional foundation it is in liquid form. Mineral foundation is in powder form, but it too is applied using a sponge.

There are key areas where the foundation is center on and than swept away from the face in upward strokes toward the hairline. This is called blending and it is important to blend the foundation up and away and to be sure that there is even coverage.

Some Tips

Blending is key, not just on the face but the neck area as well or you will wind up with a neck line. The neck line is the obvious difference between the color of the face and the neck.

Make sure that the foundation closely matches your natural color. A foundation that is too dark or too light will show.

Mineral foundation can take years off of your look, it blends well and fills in the little lines around the mouth and eyes and it is not obvious that the wearer has 3d Mink Eye lashes on.

3d Mink Eye lashes
3d Mink Eye lashes

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