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Matching Your Eyeglasses and Your Makeup

For many women, ( lash vendors wholesale) wearing eyeglasses is a bit of a burden because wearing glasses means you have to pair your frames to match your outfit and you need to make sure your makeup matches so you don’t look like a clown. In order to avoid the clown-look, many women opt for contact lenses because they think it makes the 100% real mink fur lashes application process easier.

Unfortunately for them, they’re missing out on today’s hottest fashion accessory! Prescription eyeglasses have come a long way from what they used to be and from what they used to look like! For every frame color and shape, there’s a makeup style that works perfectly! Let’s explore the ways in which women can properly apply makeup to better fit their glasses!

100% real mink fur lashes
100% real mink fur lashes

Let’s take a look at tortoise shell colored frames. They’re that awesome mix of amber and brown – so what color eye shadow should you pair it with? Green! You can also opt for brown but it may blend it a bit too much. Choose a soft green like olive and accent your eyes with a forest or emerald green eyeliner. Stick to neutral bases everywhere else and a light pink stain for the cheeks. For your lips, opt for nude with a sheer pink-toned lip gloss. Steer clear of sparkles, though.

What about mauve, pink, and berry colored eyeglasses? Well, if you’ve chosen to take a stand and break out from the ordinary – you’ve done well – just don’t do the same with your make up. Keep everything neutral and toned down. Try a gel liner in brown or black in a nice pin-up girl or cat-eye style that lays over a sheer cream or peach tone. You don’t want to have your 100% real mink fur lashes battle your eyeglasses. A sheer pink blush will bode well but feel free to go a little brighter on your lips.

Feel like playing up your glasses a bit? If you have tinted lenses, you’re going to need something on the bronze side to make your cheeks pop! A bronzer works perfectly but don’t forget to highlight on the top of your cheekbones. Don’t leave your lips bare! Put a little color on those pouty lips of yours – try berry or pink lip gloss with a high concentration of color for a little pop!

If you’re rockin’ the black plastic frames, there are three words you need to remember: drama is key. Your lips should be red – just make sure it’s a matte finish! As for your eyes, choose a light shadow color – it can be a light gray, neutral brown, or just a sheer cream color. Then accent your eyes with a thick black liner – liquid is probably your best bet! Then add about three coats of jet-black mascara! Remember, drama is key! Additionally, your skin should be flawless and perfectly powdered – no shine!

Regardless of the color of your frame, it’s important to remember that your makeup should not overpower your face or your prescription eyeglasses! They should complement each other, not look like your face is fighting in a color war. If your 100% real mink fur lashes is heavy, wear a simple pair of glasses frames. If your eye glasses are bright and powerful, tone down the makeup. These are words to live by!

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100% real mink fur lashes
100% real mink fur lashes

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